Stephon Marbury - Michael Jordan - Starbury


Stephon Marbury announces the return of Starburys and slams Michal Jordan.

Former NBA star Stephon Marbury excitedly announced he will be bringing back his signature $15 sneakers in the very near future.

The shoes originally hit shelves back in 2006 and were a hit for a while. My son and husband had a few pairs. But, when Marbury’s career started fading to black, so did his shoes.

Now, Stephon is ready to relaunch his new and improved shoes to give kids an affordable alternative to Michael Jordan’s overpriced sneakers.

In a series of unfiltered tweets, Marbury accused the NBA Legend of “robbing the hood” for years by charging $250 for a pair of sneakers that only costs $5 to make.

He added that Jordan doesn’t care that kids are getting killed over his shoes because he’s greedy.


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