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If you thought the Beyhive went in on Warriors wifey Nicole Curran…allow me to introduce you to Stephanie Mills.

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The legendary diva took to social media and blasted the woman who has been under attack since she talked to JAY-Z at the NBA Finals.

Stephanie wrote:

Nicole Curran, what can I say, you are the wife to an NBA team owner and Beyoncé, is the wife of a billionaire, Jay-Z. Why are you leaning across the Queen B allegedly asking about a f*cking lime.

I’m sure with all the noise in the arena you could have simply asked his beautiful wife what her husband wanted in his vodka soda.

FYI: little nasty Nicki, NEVER disrespect the Queen B by leaning over her. I think they’ve been married long enough for her to know what he likes in his drinks after all she is Mrs. Sean Carter?

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Erykah Badu slid into the comments and cosigned Ms. Mills’ sentiments:

However, Tank wasn’t here for it at all:

Ledisi also slid into the comments to kee kee about Stephanie Mills cutting up, but that went bad real quick!

Then, Ledisi ended up explaining herself in the comments…

Meanwhile…on Twitter:


Lawd, Beyoncé is probably somewhere eating a bagel covered in gold-dusted Nutella and folks out here giving their two cents and getting dragged over someone talking to her husband.

A mess.

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