Staten Island has set aside $6 million to search for a boy with special needs who disappeared 9 years ago after he was ripped away from his relatives and forced into foster care.

Patrick Alford was 7-years-old when he disappeared in January 2010 while taking out the trash.

Via NY Post:

After the city “seized” Patrick and his sister from “the safe and loving care” of aunt Blanca Toledo without a court order, they refused to let other relatives take the kids — then gave “false and misleading statements” to a Staten Island family court judge about the case and failed to get him the emergency psychiatric care he needed, according to court documents.

Patrick was placed with a Spanish-speaking foster family – he only spoke English. He tried to escape the home several times. He would also have violent outbursts and suicidal thoughts.

It’s been almost a decade since Patrick vanished. The $6 million settlement has been placed in a trust fund for him and a portion of the money will be used to try to find him.

This is a crying shame. I hate to imagine where Patrick is or what he’s been through over the years.

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