FOX has pulled a complete okie doke by canceling their hit drama series, “STAR,” after three seasons.

STAR” followed three talented singers – running from their pasts and desperate for a new start – with ambitions of stardom, as they navigate the cutthroat music business. (Via Deadline)

The series was Lee Daniels and Tom Donaghy and starred Queen Latifah, Jude Demorest, Ryan Destiny, Brittany O’Grady, Amiyah Scott and Quincy Brown.

The news of the cancellation really isn’t a surprise considering the fact that FOX has picked up a slew of new shows for the network. So, somebody had to go!

But, the audacity of the network to cancel “STAR” after that nerve-racking season 3 finale!?!?

That’s okay…it’s not over yet! 20th Century Fox TV is already shopping it to other platforms.

I’m gone need Netflix Jesus to come through because I need closure at the least!

Ryan Destiny took to Twitter and shared this message to their fans:

The fact that “Empire” got renewed is just…

Your thoughts?

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