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Stacey Dash Blames Intern For Maxine Waters Tweets

A lie don’t care who tells it.

Stacey Dash caught a case of Twitterfingers on Thursday and called our beloved Rep. Maxine Waters a “corrupt media buffoon” following her “Black Girls Rock!” acceptance speech.

She tried to backpedal a bit adding by saying she shouldn’t name call, but noted that Ms. Waters is not a “warrior of truth.”

After getting dragged through the streets of social media, the clueless conservative is blaming an intern for the offensive and insulting tweets.

Stacey’s ghost intern sure was doing the most with her account. But, I find it ironic that the disrespectful tweets still haven’t been removed from her page.

It’s only a matter of time before Stacey catches the ultimate fade.

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She better recognize a queen when she sees one!