Top 5 Films of 2018 To Watch On a Date

Romantic actions – this is what gives the relationship a special power and passion, contributes to their strengthening. The evening dedicated to your union is the best way to reconcile the lovers after a quarrel, to prove the truth of feelings and breathe new life into the relationship of two people close to each other. Watching a movie is a great idea, especially in the evening.

Usually, when they talk about films about love, they mean romantic comedies. Men are desperately bored while watching it. But there are other stories. We have collected several films that you can see together, and no one will be offended.


The main character of the film “Overboard” (2018) is a simple worker of the usual cleaning company. A young woman goes to rich customers who do not want to bother themselves with domestic cares. Her working tool is a huge vacuum cleaner that she carries in her old car. Her next client is an arrogant secured businessman who entertains on his expensive yacht with long-legged beauties. A rich man starts a quarrel with a worker, during which he spoils the working tool of her. After this incident, begin the problems of the main character at work. But soon she has a unique chance to take revenge on her offender, as he falls from his yacht and loses memory. In a nearby hospital, where the injured was taken, nobody knows him. The offended cleaning woman remembered his face well. The girl is called his wife and takes him home. Now the rich man is forced to live in a modest little house. It becomes soon clear that he does not know how to do anything with his own hands. But here the heroine manages to find something good in this unadapted man.

The Greatest Showman

Phineas Taylor Barnum always wanted to succeed, but it was very difficult to do it. After a series of failures, he was at the very bottom. Unable to give a decent life to his wife and children, he firmly decides that he must take decisive action. Realizing that it is impossible to do something new, he decided to create such a show, which the world has not yet seen. Phineas realized that you can play on the curiosity of people. He began to create a unique show, in which he invited the most unusual people: a giant, a bearded woman, Siamese twins, magnificent acrobats and many others. For each of them, to attract more attention, he came up with an interesting story.

For most people, the idea of Phineas seems to be a failure, but he himself still believes in success. As a result, his diligence, talent to create incredible hoaxes and curiosity of the public made his show one of the most popular. Crowds of people wanting to see the next show made Taylor Barnum not only a rich but also a famous person. But before he succeeded, he had to go through many things and overcome significant difficulties that would stop many, but not him.

When the promised Flower Blooms

Beauty Makiya is from the generation of immortals. For centuries, many armies have tried to capture her people in order to seize the secret of eternal life. And now, when the city is destroyed, the girl hides in the forest. Here she meets the lost parent of the little boy Erial and starts taking care of him.

Years passed, the boy turned into a beautiful young man, and the girl brought him up as a mother and fell in love with her son. But Makiya understands that the Erial is a simple person, which means that he is mortal …

The Incredibles 2

The famous family of superheroes returns to the big screens! After the events of the first part, the superfamily enjoys increased attention from journalists. Suddenly it turned out that the charming Mrs. Exceptional looks much better on the TV screen than her husband. For Mr. Exceptional, it is increasingly necessary to sit at home and look after children, each of which has own reasons to be dissatisfied with own superpowers. However, family problems will have to recede into the background when it turns out that the intimacy of the Incredibles is threatened by a new powerful enemy.

I Feel Pretty

Her life consisted of endless diets and fitness. The girl was thrown off the exerciser. Hitting her head, the girl finds an abnormal certainty that now she is simply irresistible. One problem in the eyes of other people is that she has not changed at all.

Now you can choose the best movie suitable for a romantic date. Do not forget that hot Ukrainian girls are waiting for you on the site.

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