Soulja Boy

Soulja Boy is officially the 2017 poster child of When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong!

After social media beefing with Chris Brown all day and talking about how hood he is, Soulja went to the hood to show and prove and ended up getting robbed for his cellphone.

To add insult to injury, he was live-streaming when he got gaffled!

Don’t believe me…just watch!


You know, Petty Pete aka Chris Brown had to chime in on the unfortunate incident…



These young people better savor life and realize what’s important.

Soulja Boy got his card pulled today while flexin for Instagram. The good news is he eventually got his phone back.


To be fair, another video has surfaced offering a different angle of the situation. Soulja Boy’s phone wasn’t snatched. He threw it down when another man accosted him to throw them hands.

That’s when another fella picked up the phone….


Still dumb. Your thoughts?