Soul 4 Real stopped by “The Breakfast Club” on Thursday and their candy-coated raindrops are now smothered in bitterness.

The 90’s quartet, who had us jamming to their family-friendly tunes laced with a New Jack Swing, detailed their rise to fame and their fall from grace after Heavy D, who introduced the group to the world, abandoned them these music industry streets.

Heavy D - Soul 4 Real

Soul 4 Real says they were eventually blackballed and were left scrambling in an effort to salvage their musical careers and relevancy.

At one point, during the interview one of the group members said he believes Heavy D’s death in 2011 was karma for doing the group dirty.

Peep a few tweets about the interview below:


There was a lot to digest in this video and the fellas look like they’ve seen better days.

Watch the full interview below.



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