Sonja Norwood Sets The Record Straight

Sonja Norwood took to social media to address rumors that claim Brandy is Ray J and Princess Love‘s surrogate.

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The matriarch of the Norwood family began by celebrating the news that she will be welcoming another grandchild.

Then, she shut down the surrogate rumors and advised people to “get over it.”

Sonja went on to advise people to direct their hate towards Donald Trump…”where hate matters.”

I’m going to have another grandCHILD @rayj and @princesslove! Thank you, Jesus, having 10 granddogs, 2 rabbits, and a bird, I finally get a grandCHILD.

Overjoyed, it’s been 15 years since the birth of my beautiful @syraismith. I’m thankful and pray for a healthy baby. I don’t usually address rumors, but I want Ray and Princess to have an enjoyable pregnancy without the hoopla.

Brandy is NOT pregnant therefore she is NOT a surrogate for the other Norwoods. Get over it already! Redirect your hate to Donald Trump! Where hate matters! And cease with the fake news!

(Clears throat) ?Hush little baby don’t say a word, gramma gonna buy you a mockingbird… a little rusty so I’m practicing. @vocalcoachnorwood@4everbrandy love you!

Princess Love commented on the post writing:

The first REAL post I’ve seen all day lol.. You don’t have to address rumors when you know the truth ❤️ Love you!

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