No one wins when the family feuds….

Apparently, Sonja Norwood and Brandy still feel some kind of way about Princess Love‘s public meltdown in January, when the mommy-to-be blasted Ray J for allegedly cheating on her because they didn’t show up to the couple’s baby shower.

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While Princess Love was throwing subliminals at her husband, her mother-in-law was hurling them right back at her.

When the expectant parents peaced everything up and were back to being drunk in love, I thought the whole family was good. Clearly, I was wrong.

TMZ reports:

Sources tell us that both Brandy and her mother, Sonja Norwood, skipped Ray J and PL’s shower Saturday after the women got into a war of words the day before.

We’re told Brandy and Sonja attended a gender reveal party Friday for Ray and Princess’ soon-to-be-born child — which is probably gonna be a girl — and got into it with the mother-to-be over what they perceived to be online shade toward Ray J.

Apparently, Princess Love had recently tweeted some cryptic messages about cheating … and not staying in a relationship just because you have a baby with someone. We’re told Brandy and Sonja took that to be an unwarranted shot at Ray … and s*** hit the fan.

Sources say Brandy and Sonja demanded that PL apologize to Ray J, and that started a huge fight. Princess Love told the two ladies to mind their own business … adding they had no right to weigh in on her relationship since they couldn’t keep their own together.

The diss definitely left a mark … ’cause Brandy and Sonja opted not to attend the couple’s shower, and we’re told it was absolutely due to the argument.

Despite the alleged absence of her mother-in-law and sister-in-law, Princess Love gushed:

Baby Shower #2 was amazing! Filled with so much love and laughter with family and friends. Thank you all for celebrating our beautiful baby girl ?

Welp…you can see a few pics from the baby shower below.

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Norwood.