Sommore - Cardi B

Sommore Offers Clarity On Her Cardi B Post

Sommore took to social media to set the record straight after blogs assumed her post about Cardi B was shade and ran with it.

The comedian and actress posted a portion of “Bodak Yellow” on her IG page with the caption, “Just cause you busy don’t mean your winning…. You better be reading ya paper work! #Chandelierovahere

See the post below.

Blogs assumed she was coming at Cardi.

Cardi B, in turn clapped back at Sommore by posting:

Coming from nothing isn’t winning, doing everything they said I couldn’t because of my stripper past isn’t winning, taking care of my family isn’t winning, reaching the top of the billboard charts when everybody said NO isn’t winning??? If this ain’t winning sis you tell me what is!! I know you must be so busy and overbooked that finding the time to give me “advice” was hard!! But I talk to Christ and my mother everyday and I don’t need it!!


What’s most disheartening about this entire situation is that Sommore’s post wasn’t aimed at Cardi B. She used her video because the lyrics carried the message she was trying to relay to others.

Unfortunately, Sommore was put in the position of having to explain her post wasn’t directed at Cardi. She also noted that she is a fan and respects young Cardi’s hustle.


The misunderstanding led to people attacking Sommore on social media and Cardi B taking offense to something that wasn’t intended to insult her.

This is a prime example of why the media has to be more responsible in their reporting.

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