Sofia Vergara sues Venus Concept for using her photo

Sofia Vergara Sues Beauty Company For Using Her Photo

Modern Family” star Sofia Vergara has slapped a non-surgical beauty company with a $15 million lawsuit for using her photo as an endorsement without her permission.

Via The NY Daily News:

The Colombian starlet filed action against Venus Concept for promoting their services with one of her Instagram photos, according to TMZ.

The actress had a skin tightening massage done by Venus in August 2014 and shared a picture of the procedure on the photo sharing app.

And, the shot may have gotten almost 40,000 likes but Vergara said she didn’t enjoy the treatment.

The actress found it a “waste of time and money with little in the way of any results,” the suit, obtained by the gossip site, said.

Venus ran with Vergara’s Instagram promotion, using the photo at exhibition booths and running it on their website with captions like “Loved by bombshell actress Sofia Vergara.”

The 43-year-old is now demanding the company remove her images and pay up at least $15 million.

You just can’t run around using folk’s pictures all willy nilly to promote your products and services.


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