Moniece Slaughter - Tank - Zena Foster-1

Moniece Slaughter Threatens Tank’s Fiancée

Now may be a good time for Tank and his fiancée, Zena Foster, to obtain restraining orders against Moniece Slaughter.

The “Love & Hip Hop Hollywood” star took to social media late Thursday night and announced she plans to fade Zena on sight every time Tank runs his mouth about her.

Moniece Slaughter - Tank - Zena Foster

In a post on her IG page, Moniece added:

Mmmmm I swore I was just gonna pray for his b**ch ass and let bygones be bygones but dammit I’m so annoyed. Ima star whoopin Zena’s ass every teome some b**ch boy tells me her cheatin ass n***a is still out here running his c**k suckers. Like sis how you bout to marry a n***a that’s out here actin like a whole heaux ass tramp. Smh. I got time today.

You may recall Tank and Moniece had a short-lived Homie/Lover/Friendship that resulted in an abortion.

Both parties have dragged each other in interviews and from the looks of it – not only is the blood bad between Tank and Moniece Slaughter…it’s also boiling.

The future Mr. and Mrs. Tank Durrell Babbs hasn’t acknowledged Moniece’s online threats.

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