Almost a month after Shawty Lo was killed in a car accident, new information about the rapper’s cause of death has been revealed.

According to the Fulton County Medical Examiner, Shawty Lo, born Carlos Walker, died of blunt force trauma to the head when he was ejected from the vehicle.

TMZ reports a prescription bottle filled with Percocet and Vicodin was found at the scene and alcohol may have been a factor, but the toxicology results aren’t in yet.

What’s even more disturbing is the two women, who were in the accident with Shawty Lo, allegedly emptied his pockets of the cash he was carrying before they were transported to the hospital.

The medical examiner says 2 females were in the car with Shawty at the time of the crash, and asked cops on scene if they could take a bunch of cash out of his pockets. The cops allegedly let ’em do it … leaving behind around $16.

Unbelievable. Your thoughts?