Hours after Skillz publicly blasted Lena Waithe and Melina Matsoukas for their film, Queen & Slim, he returned to issue an apology for trashing the film.

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After his online rant, Lena reached out to the Virginia rapper and had a conversation about the film and his feelings about it.

Now, he’s gone from saying, “I HATED THIS FILM” to “Go see QUEEN & SLIM.”

Read his apology below.

Yesterday I made a post about how the movie “Queen & Slim” made me feel. After seeing the movie I said & felt that I needed @lenawaithe to answer some questions cuz I was pissed.

Well, @lenawaithe DM’d me and I gave her my number & we talked last night for over an hour & EVERYTHING I had to ask her about this film she answered it. I felt like I was on the phone with my sister to be honest…because in so many words I was. I watched her & @msmelina body of work and I wanted one thing and got something else.

As an artist YOUR vision is YOUR vision & sugarcoating it to make someone else feel comfortable isnt always the case. I mean hell I wrote “Black Men Dont Cheat” earlier this year & caused an uproar & I knew exactly what I was doing ??‍♂️. Once you put your art in the world? Its up to be criticized. I wanted them to show me what I wanted to see & @lenawaithe simply explained “its doesnt always happen the way we want it to Skillz”.

And when I think about it? She’s right. I shitted on two black womens work because I wanted it to go the way I wanted it to go & was pissed when it didnt & for that? I WAS WRONG. I approached it wrong. She cant have a conversation with everyone but in her heart? After talking to her? I know she would if she could. That film had so many layers and shit I missed it in bro it may take years for us to pick up on em all.

So wit that being said GO SEE QUEEN & SLIM & have an open dialogue about it. Im going again today. I made a friend last night on the phone, we connected in ways that only black people can & I assured her that my APOLOGY would be as LOUD as my disrespect was.

She a G in my book for even talking to me on the phone. Our conversation was unexpected and beautiful. Go see QUEEN & SLIM.

See his original post below.


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