Skai Jackson mom Kiya Cole

Skai Jackson’s Mother Warns Azealia Banks

Skai Jackson‘s mother has taken to social media to issue a stern warning to Azealia Banks…”Don’t do it to yourself.”

Kiya Cole chilled in the cut as her 14-year-old daughter plucked the rapper bald during a Twitter exchange on Tuesday night.

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But, Kiya wasn’t having it when Azealia started taking shots at her and her parenting.


I’m guessing it was this tweet that had Kiya Cole taking off her earrings and greasing her face:

You’re mom will be up in Disney’s Office’s sucking d**k for your next fourth lead role!!! 😀

Kiya took to her IG page to let Azealia know – she’s too old to be arguing with Skai, but not too young to catch fade from her!

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