Skai Jackson Explains Why She Dragged Azealia Banks

In a recent interview with the Huffington Post, Skai Jackson explained why she dragged “internet troll” Azealia Banks.

Last week, the 14-year-old Disney star slayed the wicked witch of Twitter in a series of tweets where she told Azealia her memes have more of a career than she does…among other things.

Skai explained to HP, she’s dealt with her fair share of bullies online and in real life, so she felt compelled to voice her opinion. Plus, her mother, Kiya Cole, told her to face bullies head on.

My mom would always tell me, ‘if someone bullies you, don’t just sit there and let them bully you. Do something about it or tell someone about it.’

So I have always taken that on, what my mother said. And I kinda used that with the whole Azealia thing that just happened.

I mean, she is a bully, she is an internet troll. So for me, reading all these racial slurs that she was saying to different celebrities in the past couple months — and I’m like the 30th person now — I felt that I just had to voice my opinion because I have dealt with bullies over the internet and in person.

Skai also said she takes not offense to the memes about her.

I don’t know who created these but they actually did a pretty good job because it makes me laugh and I took no offense to it and that’s why I posted it on my Instagram and Twitter.

It’s just really funny, and I have a good sense of humor. So I just thought, ‘oh wow, that’s cool now that I’m a meme and I’m on like all social media pages, on Twitter 24/7.’

I love this kid! She’s smart, beautiful, talented, and courageous.

Read the rest of Skai’s interview. 

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