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Sisqó To Take Legal Action Against New York Fashion Week Imposter (Video)

Sisqó To Take Legal Action Against New York Fashion Week Imposter

Lawsuit soon come!

Sisqó plans to take legal action against the man who enjoyed all the perks of New York Fashion Week by impersonating him.

Gavin Barnes was perched on the front rows of fashion shows, posed for photos, and hit up afterparties while rocking his Sisqó Starter Pack (shades, blonde tresses, and Versace shirt).


It wasn’t until he tried to board a private jet with a wealthy New Yorker that his cover was blown.

The “Thong Song” singer told TMZ he can’t let this slide because Gavin’s stunt left a lot of people in hot water.


For the life of me, I still can’t fathom how people actually thought this guy was really Sisqó. Honestly, that’s what’s most disrespectful.

Your thought?

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