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VIDEO: Sisqo Announces His Acting Plans & Puts On Women’s Panties On ‘The Real’

Sisqo - The Real


Sisqo recently kicked it with the ladies of “The Real” and revealed his latest release, Last Dragon will be his final solo project.

Why? Because the Dru Hill frontman says he wants to get into film and television.

I can see it now… “The Academy Award goes to Mark Althavean Andrews for Best Actor in a film adaptation of Thong…Tha Thong Thong Thong!”

The good news is Sisqo isn’t hanging up his mic for good. He says he still sings as a part of Dru Hill and a reunion album is in the works to celebrate their 20th anniversary next year.

Watch below.



Sisqo also talked about what inspired him to dye his hair blonde and he played a game called “Funny Undies” that left him wearing panties. *blank stare*

Check out those clips below.


I’m looking forward to seeing what Sisqo has up his sleeve in the acting realm. Are you?

Photo: YouTube

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