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Sidney Starr knows you miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take!

The transgender “Love & Hip Hop” cast member took to social media over the weekend to profess her love for Malik Yoba.

Malik, who recently revealed he’s “trans attracted,” has been promoting his workshop at the Trans Visibility March in D.C.

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Sidney said she had plans to go to the march on Saturday to get her mans.

So I’ve held this in long enough guys! It’s time I let it be known, I’m going to get my MAN @malikyoba tomorrow !

Yeap I’m going to the Trans March tomorrow and I’m confessing my love for you, I’ve loved you ever since New York undercover!!!

I’m following the footsteps of my boo @bobbylytes if he won’t come to me Then I’m coming to him! PERIOD!!!! ⛪️?? #SidneyStarr #MalikYoba US!!!!

See Sidney Starr’s original post below.


Sidney hasn’t posted an update on whether or not she was able to link up with Malik Yoba.

Do you think Malik will give her a chance?

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