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SHOCKER: Mimi Faust Admits Her Sex Tape With Nikko Was Staged From The Jump! (Video)

Mimi Faust admits sex tape with Nikko was staged


A lie don’t care who tell it.

Mimi Faust is coming clean about her sex tape with Nikko and admitting the entire thing was planned and staged from day one. (It’s about time. We knew she was lying from the jump…but, we let her finish.)

On Monday night’s episode of “Love & Hip Hop Atlanta,” Mimi will finally stop lying to her bestie, Ariane Davis, and she’ll divulge the truth behind her shower rod showdown with Nikko.

In an exclusive interview with US Weekly, Mimi shifted the blame as she explained, “Every time I would go to Nikko’s place, there would be a camera and a tripod in front of the bed at all times. You know how you get that gut feeling? I didn’t listen to my gut instinct. I kind of just shoved it to the side.”

She added that Nikko told her their lovemaking was an art that everyone needed to see and just for the record…there was no stolen tape. Nikko directly delivered their video to Vivid.

Watch Mimi’s confession on page 2.

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