Pastor Shirley Caesar weighed in on the controversy surrounding Kim Burrell‘s anti-gay remarks while speaking at the First Baptist Church.

She began by advising church clergy to have the ushers collect cell phones when they want to have an “in-house” discussion with their church family.

My one phone is about a million people by itself. So now, with all of these people, if there’s something that you want to say in-house you better have the ushers get their phones and the other people’s phones too!

Get the ushers, the deacons, get all of their phones! Say ‘amen’ somebody.

Shirley Caesar went on to say Kim Burrell should have spoken out when Barack Obama made being gay “alright.”

If you were going to say something, you should said it four years ago when our President made that stuff alright.

Shirley shared her personal takeaway from Kim’s drama saying she’s learning to process things before she speaks.

Watch the clip below.


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