Wale Shares The First Photo Of His Daughter Zyla Moon


Wale‘s baby girl, Zyla Moon, is a doll!

The rapper shared the first photo of his almost 2-month-old baby girl with a heartfelt message attached. (I’m still swooning over the picture!)

We all know Wale wears his heart on his sleeve, he’s very passionate, and often misunderstood.

In his lengthy message he talks about all of that and vows to do better for his baby girl.

I had too much faith in humanity. I had too much faith in an industry that could never love somebody who had/has faith in said humanity. Thinking with my heart. Misunderstood is an understatement. Day in an day out I’m trying to convince somebody to see things my way, it often turns gets lost in translation and just sounds like complaining or”whining”. I been Tryna win a debate that’s not even winnable. I’ve been playin ping pong with my feet against a wall.

It’s my faith in humanity my thought that “if u argue with them long enough they’ll realize they —” they won’t they didn’t they don’t. Sympathy. No. Understanding. Extra no. I know I know I got it wrong. I know I complain blah blah blah . Most people have no clue how hard I work or what I’m goin thru and I have to come to grips wit the fact THEY DONT CARE. They gonna troll u They gonna misunderstand u they gonna ignore your best efforts out of convenience laziness or for laughter. I wear my heart right on my sleeve in real life and I’m super open wit my feelings .. I got to do better . I got to make changes . I trusted too many people and let too many get close. I allowed myself to become susceptible to Wahala. I’m the epitome of “a work in progress ” better or worse.I love my supporters and fans .. I got to figure out many things to improve my trajectory .. I gotta work on being more positive .. As hard as it is I have to TRY HARDER to embrace the good in my life .. Waking up to people wanting me to die on a daily basis isn’t the most pleasant but I got to work on ignoring it.. Maybe I lost all my faith in humanity. Maybe I got to work on being happier .. I’m gonna fix what gotta be fix one way or another..I have to DO BETTER. SHiNE is what I have to train myself to do .. And God willing I will. If not for me.. For Her.. ?

Look at the power of fatherhood.

Congrats to Wale on his sweet baby girl!