Sheryl Underwood defends Nate Parker

Like many of us, Sheryl Underwood is questioning the renewed attention on Nate Parker‘s 17-year-old rape case, in which he was acquitted.

During a segment of “The Talk,” Sheryl said, “I think this is an odd time for this to be the time that they judge this man on this.” She continued, “Now it’s being brought up when he makes the most iconic film, the most thought-provoking film for some of us who believe Nat Turner was a revolutionary.”

She’s right! The controversy derailed what may have been an Oscar-winning film. The Birth of a Nation didn’t fare as well as hoped at the box office with a $7 million opening weekend.

Sheryl, who is a rape survivor, went on to say how rape cases impact everyone involved.

Why is it that Roman Polanski can do whatever he wants, Woody Allen — I guess my feeling about this, from a person who has been raped, one thing we need to understand is the long-lasting, devastating effect of rape to everyone involved. The young lady who could not move forward in her life, that she felt the only way to end that pain was to take her life. So when you’re talking about a movie that seems to artistically portray the violation of a people who were considered property, then you’re talking about a political devastation, not just a sexual devastation that was supposed to motivate Nat Turner to doing what he did.

So for everybody that does not understand, at the end of the day his life has been changed, but he has evolved. He’s given his to Christ. He’s become a better person. If you want to hold him to that then you need to hold everybody else that’s done something to the exact same standard.

Watch the clip below.


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