Sherri Shepherd Loses Appeal In Court Battle Over Child Born Via Surrogate

Sherri Shepherd must continue to pay child support to her ex-husband, Lamar Sally, for their son born via surrogate after losing her appeal.

Via People:

The Pennsylvania Supreme Court declined to hear the former The View host’s case after an appeals court ruled that Shepherd was the boy’s legal mother, PEOPLE has confirmed.

The child, who is named L.J., was conceived using Sally’s sperm and a donor egg, so Shepherd does not have a genetic connection to the boy. In November, a Pennsylvania court of appeals upheld a lower court’s April decision that Shepherd’s name would remain on L.J’s birth certificate. The court ruled that she must continue paying child support for L.J., who is being raised by Sally and was born in August 2014 after the couple broke up.

Melissa Brisman, founder of Reproductive Associates, which arranged the surrogacy for Shepherd and Sally, is praising the court’s decision as a “victory for reproductive rights.”

“This ruling should give comfort to the surrogate and future parents,” she tells PEOPLE.

This isn’t the first appeal Sherri has lost in her attempt to free herself of any financial obligation to the child.

Sherri Shepherd’s Appeal To Stop Child Support Payments Denied

The actress and comedian must pay $4,100 a month in child support for Lamar Jr. until he turns 13-years-old. At that time, her payments will increase to $4,600.

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