Sherri Shepherd Is 'Sorry' For Posting Ricky Harris Funeral Video

Sherri Shepherd has released a statement apologizing for posting video about the fight that broke out at Ricky Harris‘ funeral service.

Amid the chaos, the comedian and actress, who appeared to be completely distraught, went live on Periscope and offered the scoop on what went down.

It was a decision she now regrets saying it was “an impulsive and emotional reaction after what I later learned was a misunderstanding” and that she’s “sorry for any distress the video caused.”

When the news of the altercation at the service broke, many questioned Sherri’s motive for going live on Periscope to spill the tea.

She says she “would have never imagined” TMZ would have used the video for their story.

It’s 2017…what else did she really think would happen?

Your thoughts?