Shemar Moore

Shemar Moore To His Haters: “Keep My Name Out Of Yo Mouth!”

Why won’t y’all let Shemar be great?!

For years, Shemar Moore has been plagued with rumors about his sexuality. However, there has never been any concrete proof of him being involved in anything outside of a heterosexual relationship.

Most recently, the “Criminal Minds” star was questioned again when a video of him showing a transgender fan some love began making it’s rounds on social media. But, if he had discriminated against the fan that would have been another headline. *le sigh*

Shemar Moore Responds After A Video Of Him Showing A Transgender Fan Love Sparks Gay Rumors

Welp. Shemar is officially sick and tired of the nonsense.

Over the weekend the fione actor took to his Instagram page to let folks know exactly how he felt by writing, “I am human and get tired of Negative ignorant people trying to bring somebody down!! So this is The ONE and ONLY TIME I will even allow the Haters to know that I see them!!!”

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