Shekinah Jo's Car Stolen At Gunpoint

Shekinah Jo’s Car Stolen

Shekinah Jo‘s car was stolen at gunpoint in Atlanta on Friday night.

The hairstylist and TV personality took to social media and shared the harrowing news of her car being stolen by “some black boys.”

She went on to write, “The boy pulled a gun and told me to get back!!! They took everything!!!”

This sh*t is sooo sad some black boys stole my car!!! In Atlanta ga!!! Tonight if you see a gray BMW with dark tent please call 911!!! But black lives matter!!! And this how our black people do it each other!!!!

The boy pulled a gun and told me to get back!!! They took everything!!! My money may bank cards!!! Everything!!! I thank GOD I am alive!!!

I begged them to get out my car!!! He could not even drive the car!!! He hit 10 things before he even pulled off!!!

See video below:


Unfortunately, like Shekinah Jo, my car was stolen right in front of my face many years ago and it’s the most helpless feeling in the world.

Thank God, Shekinah is okay.

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