Shekinah Jo, who has been very transparent about her experience with domestic violence, is speaking out a day after video surfaced of Fabolous and Emily B’s drama.

In a post on her Instagram page, Shekinah warned women to get out of their violent relationship because it is NOT going to get better…it will only get worse.

Shekinah Jo wrote:

I have made up in my mind i will not be anyone’s punching bag!!! Or letting anyone mentally abuse me!!! It’s not worth it sis!!!! It’s not that much love in the world!!! I choose to love me over all!!! I pray that GOD never allows me to get into another toxic relationship with anyone!!!

(FYI: No loves I have not been getting beat on lately!!!! ) I just seen another women getting her ass beat!! And had to post this!!! Get out of this ASAP!!!! And sis if he has cheated before he will do it again!!! All men are not bad!!! It’s a lot of men out here that don’t beat women!!! So I am not speaking on every man!!! It’s some good ones out here!!!

She’s right and hopefully her message will encourage someone to get out of an abusive relationship.