Shekinah Jo Opens Up About Being Brutally Beaten By Boyfriend

Shekinah Jo Speaks Out About Being Beaten By Her Boyfriend

A day after posting a shocking photo of herself badly bruised and battered on social media, Shekinah Jo opened up about being beaten on Atlanta radio.

While speaking with Ryan Cameron, Shekinah confirmed it was her boyfriend who assaulted her.

The incident happened at her salon and she says it took the police forever to come.

She went on to say she posted the photo of her battered face on social media out of anger.

During their convo, Shekinah detailed a history of mental abuse that eventually turned physical.

I really don’t feel as if he was jealous like it was more of a mind manipulation.

Like you going into a man making you out of a little girl. Like ‘Don’t do this! Don’t be on Instagram! You do this too much.’ It was always something.

Me being accused of being a h** 24/7. All the time he thinks I’m dealing with another man. But, I’m not dealing with anybody but him. It was just crazy.

And I thought about it – is he insecure? No, he’s not insecure. Controlling? Yes! He’s very controlling.

When Ryan asked why is that an excuse to hit her. Shekinah replied:

It’s not an excuse, Ryan. That’s why I called the police. It’s not an excuse for a man. I don’t care how she talk to you, push you, I don’t care what a woman do. It’s no reason for a man to put his hands on a woman like that. It’s no reason!

They [the police] couldn’t find him. It’s sad it took the city of Atlanta an hour and something to get there that’s why that post was up because I was just so angry.

The police did a warrant or whatever they did. They did come in and took pictures of me, took pictures of my face and took pictures of the stuff that he busted up.

According to Shekinah, her boyfriend showed up to her shop on Monday (April 24) and tried to tear the door off.

He was trying to tear the door off and I was like, ‘Hell naw, you ain’t gone tear the door off because I’m not about to buy a new one.’

So, I opened the door. I wasn’t thinking he was going to hit me. He had a crowbar trying to get in the door.

Then, he just went to punching me in my face. He was like he gone give me a reason to never deal with him again.

It was all a controlling thing and it happens. It was nothing I was looking forward to. I don’t have no business being a battered woman, but I have been mentally abused. But, not physical.

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