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The bad blood between T.I. and his wife’s friend, Shekinah Jo went from bad to worse on Monday.

It all began when Shekinah posted a photo of herself FaceTiming with Floyd Mayweather on Instagram and a few folks began to question her loyalty to T.I. and Tiny.



You may recall last May, T.I. popped off on Floyd inside of a Las Vegas Fat Burger because he thought Tiny was having an affair with the boxing champ.

When someone asked Shekinah, “America knows you because of T.I. did you know Floyd before T.I. allowed you to be on his show!? #IllWait”…Shekinah Jo snapped back and let it all out.

Hold up b**ch I never asked to be on there show!!! The producers asked me!!!!! and b**ch Tiny is my friend not ti dummy what don’t you get!!!! Guess what I played on there show and ti got paid so what are you saying b**ch!!!!! I worked on there show it was there show!!!! And I have always done hair I been doing her hair for years dummy!!!! Get your facts right!!!!!

She responded to another person saying T.I. always referred to her as “the help.”

Man what her husband don’t respect me he never has!!!! He always called me the help!!!!

Shekinah continued her rant as she told another commenter that T.I. kicked her off of their “Family Hustle” show last year. She also said the rapper “thinks he is God.”

TI been kicked me off his show last year!!!! Sorry that you all did not know!!! And @majorgirl is still my friend!!!! I just got off the phone with her!!!! Just let me say this, ti was never my friend!!!! @majorgirl has always been my friend!!!! ti thinks he is GOD. I don’t put my faith in no man!! I put it in GOD!!!! Also like I said Floyd has always been nice and kind to me!!!! We always talk!!!! I wish each one of you the best!!!! I am lost for words!!!! I have nothing else to say!!!!

The funny thing is she wasn’t done. A while later, Shekinah posted a message she received from one of her friends that continued to slam T.I. and accused him of treating his family like s**t.  

Shekinah Jo - TI

As soon as T.I. caught wind of what Shekinah’s comments about him, he clapped back saying:

No Love For da Otha side….. Go against me & Meet da greatest adversary Uve EVER KNOWN!!!! Real simple wit me…. If I don’t Fux wit U, DEN F**K U!!!! Straight like That!!!!! So Miss me wit da Monkey Sh*t or get dealt wit. #nomoTALK IM BUsY BUM B**CH BEAT it!!!!

Meanwhile…Tiny was kicking it on a tropical island far away from the drama.   



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What a mess.