She WASN’T Ready!

Tiffany Haddish bombed in a major way during her New Year’s Eve show at the James L. Knight Center on Monday night.

The Emmy Award-winning comedian and actress forgot a majority of her material and the jokes she did remember failed miserably to the point where fans who came out for the show began to get up and walk out.

Via TMZ:

During her routine, Tiffany talks about her mom getting out of a mental institution … she says she told her mom to punch her in the back and burp her.

She also griped about her family asking her for money. She says her sister wanted a refrigerator and a new stove, but Tiffany said she told her sister she had just paid her rent, so she just gave her a cooler.

When folks began walking out, Tiffany said, “This is weird for me. Now, this is going to be on TMZ or whatever.” She went on to say, “I really wanted to talk about some stuff. I can’t remember it.”

Tiffany eventually just gave up. She opened a bottle of Ciroc and just drank on stage along with the audience.



Peep a few reactions to the show on social media.


Tiffany took to Instagram the morning before the show and told everyone she was partying all night long – then she reminded everyone to come out to her show that night.

The writing was on the wall, bruh!



Tiffany Haddish took responsibility for the horrible show and tweeted it will not happen again:


Everyone has an off day, but Tiffany was completely unprofessional and irresponsible with this.

A New Year’s Eve show is huge and she should have cared enough to stay sober and know her material.

I’m sure Katt Williams is somewhere like…



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Your thoughts?

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