Shazam Review

Wassup, y’all! Not all superheroes wear capes…they wear hoodied capes! One of the lesser-known DC superheroes is coming for that #1 spot and you will remember his name because he shouts it louder than DJ Khaled.

“Shazam!” stars Zachary Levi, Asher Angel, Mark Strong, Jack Dylan Grazer, and Djimon Hounsou. It’s an origin story of how young Billy Batson is chosen to become one of Earth’s mightiest heroes. Well, maybe not the mightiest, but definitely the most fun!

When I heard that DC was making a movie about Shazam (we also know him as Captain Marvel, but that’s another story) I was like, “Ok, cool” because unlike others, I happen to trust DCEU’s judgment. However, when I heard Zachary Levi was going to be playing him, I ain’t gon’ lie, I was skeptical. Seeing some pictures of him in what looked to be a padded Shazam suit didn’t restore my confidence, either. But, after seeing this movie, I stand corrected.

“Shazam!” is the most exciting superhero origin film of all the superhero origin films made. This cast is amazing! Rarely do you get to experience a movie where the stars and co-stars, hell, even the extras, mesh so well. Levi was the absolute right choice! I’m sorry I doubted you, homie.

His ability to act like a kid in a grown-up, superhero body will blow you away. Dude nails it. He’s funny, childish, in a good way, and just an all-around good guy. If a remake is ever done, no one will compare to Zachary. Angel as Billy Batson gives a worthy performance. I love his take on the Batson character. His struggles make his character vulnerable which in turn makes Shazam even stronger. That fact that this film is so amusing makes one wonder how can the antagonists thrive? Don’t worry, Strong as Dr. Sivana is one cold, nefarious mutha. What’s interesting is his character arc. For a villain, to see how he ended up that way may cause you to sympathize, or at least understand why he likes destruction. You still won’t like him, though. Grazer is the perfect sidekick if you want to call him that. His chemistry with Angel and Levi reminds you of a comedy duo. They entertain us throughout. This kid is special. I can’t stress enough how good this cast is. There’s one character, however, that stands out and will make you fall in love with them the moment they appear on camera. That’s the secret weapon!

“Shazam!” has some dayum good action scenes. DCEU doesn’t skimp on the CGI, not even for an unsung superhero. There are some close-ups where Shazam’s strength is tested and it looks soooo real. Fight scenes are unique and refreshing. The special effects department found new ways to wreck vehicles if that’s even possible. Powers, abilities…things just hit different.

While I’m praising “Shazam”, there was something I noticed that may irk you, too. It has to do with a certain scene where an age range seems off. It’s a little thing but in that aspect, casting should’ve made a change. Outside of that, this is one enjoyable superhero flick. It’s full of references, full of surprises, and full of fun. Stay for the mid and end credit scenes, too. I saw it in IMAX – that’s always a plus.

I’m co-signing “Shazam!” to the fullest! You’ll love it and your kids will DEFINITELY love it. “Shazam!” feels like summertime at the movies. No cape, I mean, no cap.

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