Shay Johnson took to social media on Wednesday to reveal she was in a serious car accident a few weeks ago.

Surprisingly, the “Love & Hip Hop: Miami” star documented everything on video from the moment the accident happened to her being transported to the hospital for treatment and observation.

Shay Johnson captioned the video, posted in her Instagram page:

Thanking God for another day.

Some weeks ago I was in a car accident both cars were totaled but I’m good. I’ve never been in a accident before so I was shook.

Took me a min to post this but as you can see this accident could have been worst. I was the only one who went to the hospital. I was there forever but left with a concussion, cuts, arm sprung and bruises NOTHING WAS BROKEN!!????

Also No I was not driving I was the passenger. Tomorrow is not promised peeps so stay prayed up and DRIVE SAFE. ❤️ Thank u brother for having my back @officialemjay … thanks for ck n on me sister @amaralanegraaln ? …..

Thank u #Mommy @mamianalamama1 for staying by my side and giving the nurses the business … Hopefully, this post helps someone to NEVER take life for granted “It Could Be Worst” #MuchLovePeeps

See video below.

Thank God no one was seriously injured and all lives were spared.

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