Shaquille O’Neal isn’t buying Colin Kaepernick‘s protest of the injustices against the black community.

In a recent interview with Esquire, the NBA Hall of Famer said it’s “ludicrous” to compare the NFL star to Muhammad Ali because he’s “never seen him do anything in the community.”

I saw somebody compared him to Muhammad Ali, which is ludicrous. Muhammad Ali was fighting for a bigger cause since he was Cassius Clay. Every day. So I’ve never seen Kaepernick do anything in the community—I don’t really know him, but to each his own. Everybody has their voice, especially now with social media. A lot of people have these tweets, and they just want to say something when it’s convenient. But I don’t know if he said anything with Eric Garner, and all those others.

In his interview with Esquire, Shaq also said he isn’t worried when he’s stopped by the police because he “shows respect.”

When I get stopped by the cops, I’m not worried. And it has nothing to do with being Shaq. You know why? I show respect. “Yes, sir. No, sir.” That’s how I was taught. I was raised by a drill sergeant, and that’s who I am. Doesn’t matter if it’s a black guy, white guy, whatever. I’m not going to make it uncomfortable for you, because I don’t want it uncomfortable for me. There’s not going to be any talking back—none of that.

That almost sounds like Floyd Mayweather’s All Lives Matter spiel.

Feel free to read Shaq’s full interview here and let me know what you think.