Showtime has renewed their hit series, “Shameless,” for a tenth season.

The comedy series is an adaptation of the British series by the same name and the show follows the tomfoolery and shenanigan-filled adventures of the Gallagher family.

I was uncertain about the future of the series after Emma Rossum and Cameron Monaghan announced their exits from the show.

Shameless” howrunner John Wells talked about moving forward without two main characters:

The [Fiona] character is moving away from us. It was sad. But I hope for the audience that it will be as rewarding and appealing as what happened with the end of Ian’s story in episode six. That’s what we’re striving for: a show that’s entertaining and emotional.

Can this show perform the same way? I never would have guessed that we would be able to still be on the air after nine seasons. On ER, we were in a situation where we were going to start looking at a fourth cast and I looked around and said, ‘I think we wrote what we wanted to write and it’s time to do something else.’ That could happen. But I don’t see it in the foreseeable future as long as Showtime and Bill [Macy] and some of the other people who are so central to the series want to keep making it.

I’ll be tuned in.

Congrats to the cast and crew on the renewal.

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