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Stevie J vs. Joseline Hernandez

Apparently, Joseline Hernandez drank a Petty Powerade and hopped on social media to fire shots at Stevie J through Bonnie Bella‘s IG page.

The Puerto Rican Princess posted a couple of quotes about being a single mother whose strong enough to be the mom and the dad.

Another quote talked about not giving your children the last name of a man who isn’t there for them.

It was only a matter of time before Stevie J fired back.

When Joseline wrote (via Bonnie Bella), “My mom is here to tell you —YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!!”

Stevie replied, “Real moms don’t use children as pawns.”

On the other post he added, “Court date soon.”

See the posts below.

Poor Bonnie Bella.

I hope these two will cut the tomfoolery sooner than later for the sake of the baby.

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