Tara Wallace And Amina Buddafly Go At It Over Peter Gunz

Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly‘s fight to be Peter Gunz‘s main ole lady continues.

The “Love & Hip Hop” sister-wives took to the streets of Twitter on Monday night to trade shade after Tara revealed she’s pregnant with she and Peter’s third child.

When fans criticized her for procreating with a creep, Tara responded, “I am in a great space and sorry u guys are so mad! My baby is on the way and my boys and I are so happy??”

The news of Tara’s pregnancy came one episode after Amina allegedly had an abortion and she’s clearly feeling some type of way about it.

Amina, who is legally married to Peter, took to Twitter and called Tara a “f**king liar” for acting as if she had no clue she was 18 weeks pregnant. Tara clapped back accusing Amina of marrying Peter Gunz for citizenship and it all went downhill from there.