Keke Palmer and Mehgan James spent their Monday afternoon trading shade on social media.

It all began when Keke, who was binge-watching Oxygen’s “Bad Girls Club,”  took to Twitter to share her thoughts on the show and a few cast members.

The “Scream Queens” star noted that she thought Meghan James was “corny” and “weak.”


When Mehgan caught wind of Keke’s tweet, she responded by calling her a “hater.”



That’s when Keke opted to keep it cute with some subliminal shade:


Mehgan James - Keke Palmer


Mehgan answered the call by firing back with some moderate shade of her own:


Somewhere in the midst of keeping it cute, Mehgan decided to go ALL the way in:


Mehgan James - Keke Palmer

Mehgan James - Keke Palmer


Keke responded with the video below:



Mehgan ended the shade trade with these parting words:


Mehgan James - Keke Palmer

Can’t we all just get along?

Your thoughts?