Serial rapist Darren Sharper will spend the next two decades marinating in prison.

On Tuesday, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge sentenced former NFL safety to 20 years in prison after he admitted to drugging and raping women in four states.

Via NBC Sports:

This sentence is part of a plea deal negotiated with prosecutors in four states. Sharper, 41, played 14 NFL seasons for the Packers, Vikings and Saints. He was working as an NFL Network analyst when he was first accused of the crimes.

In August, a federal judge in New Orleans sentenced Sharper to 18 years in prison. Sharper has appealed that sentence.

At Tuesday’s hearing, two victims addressed the court. According to the Associated Press, one of them said that “the only good thing about this situation is that this disgusting low-life human will be sent to prison for many years and is likely he will never be able to do to this to another woman again. I hope this scumbag will now feel as worthless as he has made me feel.”

I certainly hope the predator becomes the prey over those 20 years.

Your thoughts?