Serena Williams green hair

Serena Williams Goes Green

Serena Williams unveiled her new green tresses on Wednesday.

The tennis champ shared a picture of her new do on social media with the caption, “For Genie and Chrissie. U asked for it. Lol”

Can you get jiggy with Serena’s leprechaun locks?

In other news….

Serena Williams has responded to Novak Djokovic over the ongoing dispute about equal pay for male and female tennis players.

If I have a daughter who plays tennis and also have a son that plays tennis, I wouldn’t say that my son deserves more because he is a man. If they both started at three years old I would say they both deserve the same amount of money.

I have been playing since the age of two and it would be shocking to say my son would deserve more than my daughter. It is irrelevant. [Djokovic] is entitled to his opinion but if he has a daughter—I think he has a son right now—he should talk to her and tell her how his son deserves more money because he is a boy.

It all boils down to that. I would never put a sex against another sex. I think it’s unfair to compare, we have had so many great women champions and players who have brought such great vision to the sport. There have been great men players too, but women’s tennis is the biggest sport for women—period.

I wholeheartedly agree with her!


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