Ne-Yo Is Done Hiding His Head

There’s nothing more important than loving yourself – flaws and all.

For years, we’ve watched Ne-Yo rock every hat on the planet to hide his head.

Peep Exhibit A below:

Ne-Yo hats


Now, the award-winning singer and songwriter says those days are over! “2016 is about SELF LOVE! I can’t preach it hiding under my hat all the time,” Ne-Yo on Instagram. He continued, “So let’s break the ice. THIS IS MY BIG ASS HEAD!! ??”

The singer also invited his fans to get their big head jokes out of their system. “Leave your #BestBigHeadJoke in the comments. I’ll repost the good ones. COME ON WIT IT!!?? #SelfLove2016”

Peep his post on page 2.