Selena Quintanilla To Receive Posthumous Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Selena Quintanilla To Receive Star On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Bitty bitty bom bom! Selena Quintanilla is finally getting her star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

On November 3, the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce will honor with Queen of Tejano Music with a posthumous star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Via Variety:

The Nov. 3 Hollywood Chamber of Commerce ceremony will honor the Mexican-American singer who went on to become a celebrated figure for Latinos everywhere and a global icon in music and beyond after being fatally wounded in 1995 by the former president of her fan club. She was 23.

“Selena deserves the star,” said Edward James Olmos in an exclusive interview with Variety. “Her music stands the test of time. She was a brilliant artist. I just wish she were here. It’s not fair.”

In her short life, Quintanilla achieved many milestones as an entertainer such as the 1994 Grammy award for Best Mexican/American Album Live!, which was the singer’s first Grammy, saying it was “an experience I will never forget” after receiving her award in a sparkling beaded dress.

Better late than never.