Welp, the big surprise the Seattle Seahawks had planned for Sunday’s game will be the team interlocking arms in unity. *blank stare*

The interlocking of arms will be the team’s faux protest as opposed to kneeling like Colin Kaepernick and Brandon Marshall.

In a video posted on Doug Baldwin‘s Facebook page, he says:

We are a team comprised of individuals with diverse backgrounds. And as a team, we have chosen to stand and interlock arms in unity.

We honor those who have fought for the freedom we cherish. And we stand to ensure the riches of freedom and the security of justice for all people.

Progress can and will be made only if we stand together.

On Friday, Doug gushed about how proud he was of what the team had come up with.

I’m extremely proud. I’m excited.

Extremely proud. Like I said, it makes me want to cry almost, just how our team has handled this and the discussions we’ve had and how we’ve come together.

It’s been absolutely amazing.

Russel Wilson offered his two cents writing:

CHANGE can Only happen TOGETHER.
Unity. Love. Forgiveness. Change. ? We are linking arms & standing to Stand Up for Social Justice, Love, & Peace for All.
#BuildABridge The Question is…Will you?

The real question is…are y’all serious?

What are your thoughts on the Seattle Seahawks’ unity plan?