Welp. If you were hoping to see Santigold on Lauryn Hill‘s “The Miseducation 20th Anniversary Tour” you can let it go like Elsa.

Apparently, L Boogie has dropped the singer from the tour without notice “due to production issues.”

The decision was so abrupt Santigold didn’t even have the opportunity to notify her fans who had already spent a good coin to see her and Nas, who was also absent from a recent show in Portland.

After one fan snapped, Santi apologized and explained they were taken off of the bill.



Another fan questioned if she was under the weather…



Santigold officially announced she was no longer a part of the tour.



It’s unclear if Nas is officially done of if his dates will be hit and miss.

These inconsistencies sound very similar to what Robert Glasper was saying about his experience with Lauryn.

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Your thoughts?

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