Sanaa Lathan Wants You To Know She Did NOT Bite Beyoncé's Face

Tiffany Haddish opened a brand new can of worms when she revealed an actress high on drugs bit Beyoncé‘s face at an afterparty.

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The BeyHive launched a full cyber investigation that prompted #WhoBitBeyonce to trend on Twitter as social media sleuths were hot on the case to find the culprit.

Someone’s bad intel led the hive to Sanaa Lathan and the swoop down was relentless.

Exhibit A (Sanaa’s Instagram Comments):

The swoop down was so bad that it prompted her to speak out to let folks know she is NOT the perp!


Taraji P. Henson has also been eliminated from the list of suspects.


The fact that folks would think or believe Sanaa and Taraji were high enough to bite Bey is crazy!

If only Tiffany had kept this tea to herself….