Sanaa Lathan 'Confirmed' As Actress Who Bit Beyoncé

A new report by Page Six is “confirming” Sanaa Lathan is the actress who bit Beyoncé despite the fact that she publicly denied doing so.

You may recall in her last tea-spilling session, Tiffany Haddish revealed an actress, who was high on drugs, bit the Queen Bey’s face at a party.

When the Internets initially pointed their fingers at Sanaa, she laughed it off and joked, “If I did it would have been a love bite.”

She tweeted:

One fan responded, “Yeah, we know legend.”


Here’s where the water gets murky….

When we posted Sanaa’s denial via Instagram, Tiffany Haddish liked the post.


Sanaa Lathan - Tiffany Haddish

Was she co-signing the truth or being messy? ?

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