Denzel Washington won the SAG Award for Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role.

But, if you’ve seen his performance as Troy Maxon in Fences, this award comes as no surprise to you.

Ironically, it was Denzel who was most surprised by the win. During his acceptance speech, the incomparable actor admitted he never entertained the chance of him winning the award.

I’m supposed to have faith, but I didn’t have faith. This — God bless you all, all the other actors. I said, well, you know that young boy’s gonna win, Denzel. You ain’t gonna win. I didn’t even prepare, but I am prepared.

He went on to say:

SAG, listen. We’re just actors. You know, I’m famous and all that kind of stuff, but I have the same fear opening night, first preview, that anybody else has. We all have the same job. And this is not a testament to me, but it’s a testament, obviously, to August Wilson. But God dog it, Steven Henderson, Myk- — I’m getting choked up. Mykelti, Seniyya, Jovan. You know, the guys that don’t get recognized. So fellows, Seniyya, here we are.

Oh, one last thing. Two. Viola Davis.

Watch Denzel Washington’s full acceptance speech below:


Congratulations to Denzel Washington!