Safaree Samuels tweets


In an effort to prove one monkey don’t stop no show, Safaree took to his Instagram account and posted a video of him performing his single, “Volume.”

The caption on the clip read, “This is what i was doin when Bet told my publicist i was banned from the red carpet 💪🏾💪🏾💪🏾… Thank God! this is what i love!! Volummee!!! PULLLLLL UPPPPPP #stuntgang #hollywoodcarnival”



While I don’t like to make assumptions, I think it’s pretty safe to assume Nicki Minaj and/or Meek Mill had BET deactivate Safaree’s red carpet bus pass. No need to deal with the past when your focus is on the future, right?

It’s still unfair to have Safaree treated like a second class citizen to show him who’s got the juice.

Photo & Video: Instagram

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