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Russian Group Hacks WADA, Leaks Medical Files, & Accuses Simone Biles, Elena Dell Donne, Venus & Serena Williams Of Doping


Apparently, the Russians are still salty about their track and field team getting banned for doping.

Russian hackers, who call themselves Fancy Bear, hacked the World Anti-Doping Agency late Monday and released the medical files of four American Olympic athletes including Simone Biles, Elena Dell Donne, and Venus and Serena Williams.

Fancy Bear posted a statement on their website that read:

We are going to tell you how Olympic medals are won. We hacked World Anti-Agency databases and we were shocked with what we saw. We will start with the U.S. team which has disgraced its name by tainted victories. We will also disclose exclusive information about other national Olympic teams later. Wait for sensational proof of famous athletes taking doping substances any time soon.

Via the NY Daily News:

The documents indicate Serena Williams and Venus Williams have TUEs for painkillers and anti-inflammatories. Venus Williams also had a TUE for an inhalant used to treat asthma.

Biles had a TUE for Focalin XR, a medication similar to Ritalin. Delle Donne had a TUE for Adderall and hydrocortisone.Biles, 19, tweeted on Tuesday that she has taken medication for ADHD since she was a child.

Simone responded to the accusations of doping via Twitter.



Travis Tygart, the chief executive officer of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency expressed his outrage over the efforts of Fancy Bear to tarnish the reputations of American athletes.

It’s unthinkable that in the Olympic movement, hackers would illegally obtain confidential medical information in an attempt to smear athletes to make it look as if they have done something wrong,. The athletes haven’t. In fact, in each of the situations, the athlete has done everything right in adhering to the global rules for obtaining permission to use a needed medication.

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